Who is Gente de la Isla?

Gente de la Isla came to be from our passion (Coral and Edouard :D) for coffee, fine food and all of the deliciousness that grows from the Dominican soil. We work directly with coffee growers. We are firm believers in direct trade.

We love mornings and the little yellow birds from our garden. We believe in enjoying the little things and starting the day off by sharing a delicious breakfast. We use specialty grade coffee, whole grains, local honey and fruit, healthy oils and all of our hapiness.

Our goal is for our products to be the fairest possible and we work hard every day towards this goal. We roast, live, bake and taste in the Dominican Republic.

Where can you find us?


Do you want to know more about our efforts to change the world, one coffee bean a time?

Call us 809.685.1193 or 809.885.0292
Contact us through this form or write to hola@lagentedelaisla.com